Friday, June 7, 2013

Flash back to the good ol days!

We had our anatomy scan this week....

AND EVERYTHING LOOKED GOOD!!! I was so relieved. Of course I was nervous because this is where they're able to determine is something is severely wrong with your child. I was anxious to make sure that it was still a little girl and IT IS! I was really excited and so was Juan....he's been so cute about having a little girl! Anyways, our tech was really nice and she walked us through everything. She made the heart, legs, arms, brain, lips, and lungs looked good. She said everything looked good and it was so neat to see our little girl growing bigger and bigger. I'm getting more and more excited to see her and be able to hold her now that it's becoming more and more real! Ahhhh....I"m gonna be a mom! How crazy is that?!? We have so much to do to get ready, but we're taking it one day at a time! Very thrilled that everything looks good with baby Hadlie though! Love her so much already!