Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Spending time with daddy while mommy is at work...

So this week I ended up having to work 4 days instead of my usual 1 or 2. It's always very hard to go to work these days especially when I have to leave Hadlie, but it's very comforting to know that while I'm at work, Juan is taking care of her. This past weekend while I was at work, Juan's family came down to try and see if Hadlie would respond better to them being here at our house instead of how she responds to them being up in West Valley at their house. They ended up taking her to the duck bond south of BYU and I think she had a really good time and it was a good thing because she was distracted enough to let them hold her for a minute or two until she realized that daddy wasn't holding her. She still cried when they held her, but she didn't scream her head off like she does when we go up to see them. They were sweet enough to send me pictures of their time at the park while I was at work!

Hadlie with her Abuelita and she's not crying! Although the look on her face says that she's about to! Juan said that Hadlie only let her hold her for a few seconds before she started to cry....better than nothing!

Sweet Miss Hadlie being held by her Tia Sonia at the duck pond!

Hadlie helping daddy feed the ducks! The ducks would eat straight out of Juan's hand! Hadlie is leaning forward trying to touch it!

Hadlie checking out her Abuelito! She does the best with him and he's really adorable with her! He always wanted a little girl and he finally got one!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

How is it May already?!?

Alright, so maybe I need to be a little better at this whole blogging thing so it doesn't take me an entire day to transfer photos and videos and update my blog for the last 2 months! :-/ Oh well! Better late than never! So here we go!

Things are going pretty good for us here at the Salcedo house! Juan and I both finished another few classes this last semester and now we're on to spring classes! I'm taking a Stats 121 class at BYU and it's kicking my trash! It's a 7 week course and we have 40! yes! 40 quizes, 3 midterms, 1 final and 2 written assignments! Holy junk....I'm overwhelmed just typing that, let alone doing it! But I got this! I have to get this! I need to pass this class in order to take any more of my major classes that I have remaining! If all goes according to plan and I can make classes work around my work schedule, Juan's schedule and Hadlie, then I'm hoping I can graduate within a year and a half to 2 years! It sounds like a long time...but I'm bound and determined to make it happen! Juan is taking some more digital media classes and need to start getting his portfolio together to apply for his program at UVU in January! It'll be here before we know it! Otherwise, I'm still working 12 hours a week at Kay's and it's been a far more challenging transition to peon than I thought it would be. And no, it's not just because I like to be in control and now I have to answer to someone else, it's much more than that. My current boss has only been with the company for 7 months and she really knows a lot for the short amount of time she's been with the company, but she doesn't know very much, because it's only been 7 months! Needless to say, she's hell bent on proving that she can do it without any assistance from me and she quite frankly goes out of her way to make sure I know she doesn't need my help. (Even though I fix things constantly when I work and figure out problems left and right.) It's just been tough being treated like dirt after being with the company for so long and giving them so much of my time and energy. It's a really, really crappy feeling. I'm hoping that the transition goes a little smoother over the next few months and things start to come together, cuz I don't know how much more I can handle the way things are now! Anyways, there's my little tangent on that!

As far as the star of the show....little Miss Hadlie is doing good! She's still giving us a run for our money and is a very, very tough baby, but we love her to pieces and she makes us smile and laugh everyday! We had a blast when Grandma Ralph came to visit of conference weekend and just wish she could have been here for longer! Hadlie is now almost 6 and 1/2 months old and we're working on trying to help her sit up. To be honest, she still doesn't roll from her back to her front, but she tries valiantly! She just can't muster up the energy to move her arm out of the way once she's rolled over on it, so she just rolls back onto her back! LOL. She's a fiesty little whipper snapper and needs to be entertained pretty much constantly. I'm going to post a bunch of pictures and videos and give little snippets of info that way....but just wanted to say, "hi" and let you all know that we're alive and surviving! Some days are a lot easier than others, but isn't that life? We have so much to be grateful for and we need to focus more on the blessings in our lives! We're so grateful for the opportunity we have to get our educations and to have the family support and encouragement to help us through our every day lives! We love you all so much!

This is when Susan, Joe, Josiah and Kimball came to visit! It was a fun visit! We went to the creamery on 9th and the BYU bookstore and just visited for a quick bit before they headed off to Arizona! Kimball LOVED Hadlie and it was really cute to see the cousins together!

I love this picture! Hadlie loves her toy and was playing with it and having all sorts of fun in the first picture and I took the second picture right after I told her it was time for a nap! I laughed so hard! Of course she didn't understand....but the timing was perfect with her facial expressions!

 I just love the expression on her face here! Her cheeks are getting chunky! Yay!
Here's just a little clip of Hadlie chit chatting to herself! She's gotten a lot more vocal since then, but I wanted to show you the progression, so we'll start with this one!

Hadlie loves helping mom in the kitchen whenever she can! When she first wakes up in the morning, I make Juan leave the dishes for me to do, because it keeps Hadlie entertained for the few minutes it takes! She LOVES sitting in her bumbo and watching what's going on around her! Very observant child!

4 Generations! Grandma Ralph, Mom, Me and Hadlie                                   
                                                                                                               Great Grandma Ralph and Hadlie

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Ralph with Hadlie! 

This is a video of Hadlie eating her first biscuit along with a picture of her eating it too! She LOVES solids and will eat anything we give her!

 This is a video of the first time we fed Hadlie solid food. It was some applesauce mixed with home blended oats that we blended in my BRAND NEW BLEND TEC!!!!! So excited to have that resource available to me now! Her facial expressions are pretty funny here! She doesn't like the grittiness of the oatmeal! Of course we had to try and in Grandma Ralph was visiting!

Hadlie and her mommy at the park with her friends and Grandma Ralph

Hadlie's first time in a big girl swing! She wasn't sure what to think!

 Me, Hadlie, Megan, Marin, Peta and Maggie all hanging out together at the park with our little ones!

 Grandma Ralph got Hadlie her first swimming suit and we went swimming at the new Provo Rec Center! Hadlie did way better than I thought she would and she didn't cry at all! She seemed to really like it even though it was spring break and SUPER crowded!

These are just a few pictures of going on walks with Hadlie. She LOVES to be outdoors and to be stimulated and see what's going on around her, so needless to say....we go on A LOT of walks....This one we walked down to Provo Center Street and they had a bazaar going on that we checked out....

 Not sure where we went for this walk....we go on at least 2 a day, but it was a long enough walk, that she fell asleep during it and that doesn't happen too often where she just falls asleep without being in her crib....I'll take it though!

This walk took us to the Provo City Center Temple construction site and Hadlie had a good time watching all the machines and listening to all the noise! They had just put up the Angel Moroni a couple of days before that, so it was really neat to see that!
This picture isn't funny, but at the same time...I did laugh when I saw it. She had been having a HORRIBLE day and was whiny and fussy the ENTIRE day! I put her down for a nap and this is how I found her a few minutes later when I turned on the video monitor to check on her....I'll post a few videos from the same day to illustrate the kind of day she was having.....and needless to say....we ordered a super cheap crip bumper from Amazon the next day!

No matter what I did, I could not get her to be happy this was a VERY long day...for BOTH of us!

This is little Miss Hadlie at 6 months old! She had just barely gotten her 6 months shots and was such a sweetie after even though I know she didn't feel good! She weighed in at 11 lbs 7 ounces and was in the zero percentile for weight. :-( I need to start chunking her up with solids! She was in the second percentile for length at 23.75 centimeters and 22% for head circumference. Doctor wasn't concerned about her weight, since she's proportionate, she's just really petite. And there are some benefits to having a small baby....for instance...she's a lot easier to carry around! She still fits into size 0-3 month clothes, so I haven't had to go buy her any clothes...and she's been the same diaper size for months now! It's funny because every single time someone asks how old she is, I get the exact same response...."wow, she's so tiny!" I'm like, yeah, I know...she takes after her grandma on her daddy's side! LOL....definitely doesn't take after me!

Hadlie's first Easter! I felt so bad because I didn't do a single thing for her, but we went to visit my in-laws and they had a bunch of toys and things for her first was really sweet of them. My sister in law Sonia who is expecting a little girl in August put together eggs and we did an Easter egg hunt. This was the only time on our visit up to them that day that Hadlie wasn't screaming her head off....during the Easter egg hunt!

This is what she was doing the other 2.5 hours that we were there until we had to take her home because she would NOT stop screaming! No matter what....she was fed, changed, had taken a nap and even when I was holding her, she was still upset about something and I have no idea what....this picture cracks me up because she wanted to badly to chew on this tiny little bunny that they gave her, but she couldn't stop crying long enough to close her mouth....she is SUPER upset....just wait until I post the video of her crying!

It was so fun to take her on a little Easter egg hunt!

Daddy helping carry Hadlie's easter egg basket for her. She was still so unsure about what was going on and if she looked up and saw anyone else besides Juan and I....the waterworks would start all over again! I felt so bad for my in-laws who put this wonderful Easter together for Hadlie....

 Here is the infamous video that I finally took after 3 hours of her acting like this. I am so baffled by it, but every time, without fail that we go and visit my in-laws up in West Valley City, as soon as Hadlie is taken out of her car seat....this is her reaction! My sweet in-laws just want to love on her and hold her and she won't have anything to do with it. She gets soooooo mad and then I can't calm her down....literally, every time my mother in-law even looked at Hadlie....Hadlie would start crying. I felt SOOOO bad! I have absolutely NO idea why she acts like this or what is causing her to be so upset when we're there....but it's incredibly frustrating and we obviously can't stay there for very long because people can only handle so many screaming babies in one day!

And this is the EXACT same day that the video was taken above....this was Easter and the MINUTE we left my in-laws, this is what she was like....happy, curious and perfectly content. I was stymied. I still am. But I LOVE this picture! She's an adorable little bunny surrounded by all her goodies that her abuelitos and tia and tio gave her for Easter!

This is Hadlie's Easter Sunday dress....she's a sweet angel in this dress and we just love her to bits!

The next few pictures are just random ones of Hadlie chomping on her feet and anything else that she can get her mouth on! She LOVES to put anything and everything into her mouth! She's gonna be a curious and smart little girl!

 Okay, so I really have to go work on some stats homework for class tomorrow, but these last few are of Hadlie when I got home from a really long day at work! It was just the smile and happy sweetness that I needed from her and it makes EVERYTHING worth it!!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our little girl!

This is Hadlie when she's supposed to be sleeping! She stares at the camera because it has infared lights that catch her attention when she doesn't want to sleep. It's funny because it makes it look like she's looking straight at you! Catches Juan and I off guard sometimes!

And this is her play hide and seek! LOL

Love our stylish little DIVA!!!!