Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Whelp...where to start after a year?!?

Soooooo....almost an entire year has come and gone! That is so crazy to me! Well, I don't really know where to start seeings that it's been so long, but I guess I'll start with the biggest thing that has happened in the last year! We had ANOTHER BABY!!!! We added our adorable little son, Christian Gregory Salcedo!
He arrived the day before his due date on August 20th, 2015! He weighed 7lbs 9 oz and was 20 inches long! My mom had actually arrived the day before and the morning that Christian was born, my mom stripped my membranes and I was in labor an hour later. After she stripped my membranes, we headed to Walmart to walk around and I started contracting while walking around Walmart chasing after Hadlie. Mom stripped my membranes at 10:30, I started having regular contractions at 11:30 and little man was born at 2:53pm! A little over 3 and a half hours of labor! After Walmart, we decided to go swimming at the Provo Rec Center, but while we were waiting in line to get in, the contractions started coming on stronger and I knew that we didn't have time to go swimming! LOL. So we headed home to get ready and wait for Ben to get to the condo so he could watch Hadlie who we had just put down for a nap. Once Ben and Carli got to the condo, my mom, Sarah, Juan and I headed to the hospital. I delivered at American Fork Hospital with the American Fork Midwives instead of a doctor this time. We arrived at the hospital at 1:50pm and I was checked and told I was 7cm dilated! Woot! Woot! I tried a bunch of different positions, but nothing felt as good as sitting in the chair and resting, and then getting up and swaying side to side while I was leaning on Juan. Right before I delivered, everyone was just waiting around waiting for my water to break, but it wasn't breaking! So I made the decision to have my water broken to expedite the delivery! So they broke my water at 2:52pm and Christian was born with one push at 2:53pm! Talk about a quick delivery! It was so awesome to have my mom, Sarah, Juan and our family friend Melissa there for the delivery. Christian has been a lot better baby than Hadlie was and my postpartum has been MUCH smoother than it was with Hadlie!

Working through a contraction. 
 Leaning on my sweet husband for support during a contraction.

Man, I loved being able to rest in between contractions and rock back and forth in this chair! Felt so good to have some pressure taken off!

                                             Little Christian Gregory Salcedo!
                                                   Hadlie loves her little brother!
                                                      Christian at 2 weeks old!

Grandbaby # 12 with his Grandma!                                  

Grandpa Ralph with sweet little man Christian!

Hadlie loves giving Christian his pacifier! 
Needless to say, we've experienced quite a bit of change over the last year! Hadlie is almost 2 years old and I can hardly believe that! She's such a fun, fiesty, smart and entertaining little girl! She loves to read (which I love that she loves!) she loves ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING of the Frozen theme, as well as singing, playing outside, running around, coloring and visiting with Tia Sarah and Tio Michael! She had an absolute blast up in Seattle over the summer with her cousins! I'll try and be better at this whole blog thing, but I definitely don't have a lot of free time these days! :-)

Monday, November 10, 2014


Whelp....not gonna lie...I have no idea where the last 5 months went! How is it November already?!? I swore that I was going to be good at this whole blog thing, but alas...I'm not. I'll try and catch you up really fast and then be better from here on out!

      I just got back from Seattle for Sarah's homecoming talk! So much fun to have her back! Her homecoming talk was absolutely amazing. I wish my whole family had been there to listen to it. She had the entire congregation in tears and was told repeatedly that it was the best homecoming talk that people had ever heard. And I completely concur. I'm so proud of her! Sarah and mom had driven down here to Provo a week after she got back from her mission and I was able to drive back to Seattle with them and spend the weekend home for her homecoming. Hadlie did really well on the drive home! I was really proud of her! It was fun to be home and to spend a few days with the family. I genuinely miss living up there and maybe one day we'll find our way up there! You never know!

    Well, to the main reason for this blog! Hadlie!!! She is now almost 13 months old and I can't even hardly believe that! Her first birthday was so bitter-sweet! It was crazy to think that a year before I was in labor and giving birth to her! I love the age she's at though...she's so incredibly fun and entertaining! Some of the highlights for how she's progressing are as follows:

At her 1 year appointment she weighed 18.4lbs and was 27 inches long! She still doesn't crawl, but I have a feeling she'll start to try and crawl in the next few weeks. She does this adorable little scoot thing while she's sitting up to get around. She is now fitting into 6-9 months clothes! She's little, but she's got an adorable little budda belly! She loves to gab and her favorite thing to do is quack like a duck. She's an amazing eater, eating pretty much everything I've ever given her. She still doesn't have any teeth, but I'm okay with that! Don't have to worry about brushing them yet! LOL... and she's a champ sleeper sleeping all night usually 12-13 hours! She LOVES her daddy and is very strong willed and knows what she wants and if she doesn't get it...she'll let you know! We love our feisty sweet girl!

Hadlie at 9 months old! Still fits into the same outfit she wore for Halloween when she was first born! Daddies little bat girl!

Hadlie loves to sit in the grocery cart sideways. I'll put her in feet first and she'll turn and sideways or backwards so she can see where we are going.

Our little sweetheart!

Swimming at the Rec center with family! Hadlie loves swimming!

Hadlie takes after her daddy with her love for turtle action!

Hadlie LOVES her Uncle Ben! On our way up to Duck Creek for our family reunion!

Playing with her favorite toy! Her Pato!

Our little sweetheart is 10 months old!

Loves to play in the car!


Family picture outside the chapel after Brittany and Ernesto blessed their little girl Corrinne.

Hadlie loves reading! Having fun playing at the park.

Happy baby in her bouncy toy!

Loves bath time with her favorite toy!

I had made pumpkin spice cookies and put them on the table just a little too close to Miss Hadlie and I turned around to see her shoving the cookie in her mouth! She was so happy about it! Little stinker!

Playing at her friend Marin's house! 

Gotta start her young at sports! 

Excited to go outside! 

Getting ready to go outside for a walk! She loves to be carried like this!

11 months old! She's getting so big! So bittersweet!

Helping daddy with his homework!

Happy baby getting fed!

So super impulsively, I decided to get Hadlie's ears pierced when one of my dear friends, Julie Poulson was visiting from Seattle. This was taken after we got her ears pierced! She did so good! She was the most upset about me having to hold her down while they pierced her ears! I'm glad I got them pierced...I know I'm biased...but she looks adorable!

Loves playing with her "laptop!"

Family walk to the BYU duck pond! 

Hadlie saying, "please" asking for more food at Michael and Lizzy's wedding reception, our Aunt Lisa's step daughter. 

Hadlie loved sitting on the edge of the chair and watching everyone around her! She would scoot from one side to the other and dangle her legs She makes me laugh. 

Playing in the sink with daddy while daddy while mommy is at work.

Daddy introducing Hadlie to her first praying mantis!

Hadlie's super thrilled to be on this walk with me! 

Hadlie playing in a field of corn kernels on her 1st birthday!

Opening her birthday present from Grandma and Grandpa Ralph!

LOL...Always turns around in the cart!

Now that she scoots-it's time to get into everything!

Happy First Birthday to our sweet girl! We love her so much!

Fluffy balloon hair!

Trying to entertain her while I had to be at work for a little bit! 

Hadlie LOVES her toy from her Abuelos! She loves it when daddy pushes her around the house with it!

Happy Halloween to our sweet Tigger! Hadlie's 2nd Halloween!

Tigger Tail!

Love our sweet Tigger! Had so much fun in the leaves!

Daddie's little girl!

Hadlie loves her brocoli! So happy she's such a good eater!

Having fun reading on our road trip up to Seattle for Sarah's homecoming!

Lunch at the Olive Garden with her Auntie Sarah!

Playing hand and foot with mom, Beka and Sarah!

                    I love this video! This is her "quacking" like a duck at the BYU duck pond!

Hadlie's adorable little scoot!