Tuesday, March 18, 2014

We have a ROLLER!!!!!

Whelp....it finally happened! Hadlie decided to start ROLLING!!!!!

I've put her on her tummy a lot lately and she usually just lays her head down and just chills there or cries until we put her on her back....LOL....Little Diva! But today....her 5 month mark...she decided she was ready to start rolling!
Mommy is thrilled cuz she was starting to worry that we'd been so lax on tummy time that Hadlie wasn't every going to start rolling! Now it's a whole different ball game with having to watch her a lot more carefully and not just being able to leave her on the ottoman or on the bed while I change or use the bathroom! 

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that I have a 5 MONTH OLD!!!! Why does time go by so fast?!?  She's turned into such a fun and happy baby! It was literally her 4 month mark where things started to turn around! She still cries every once in a while and fights her sleep when we put her down for naps...but for the most part, she's SOOOO much better than before! She is smiley, happy, laughs, coos, spits bubbles and is very observant these days! It's been so fun to see her get more and more interactive each day! I'm definitely going to start taking more videos as she becomes more and more animated! I so wish my family were here to see her grow and develop more often then once or twice a year....but I'm grateful for blogs and facebook and text messages I can send that help the distance seem not so far....
This is a video of Hadlie starting to talk and coo! It's so bittersweet realizing that she'll be talking and walking before we know it! Ahhhhh.....I"m not ready for it! That means I have to give her a sibling that much sooner! LOL...so crazy to think about! I keep getting asked when I"m going to have another one and to be honest....I really just want to enjoy the time I have now with Hadlie. She won't be small for much longer and I know I won't be able to give the next one the attention that I have now to give Hadlie because she's the only one. I LOVE being able to get up with her at night, as crazy as that sounds and breast feed her and just have that one on one time with her....it's so special to me and my heart bursts with love for Hadlie and my ability to care for her! I can't wait for Mom, Beka and Samuel to come visit in a few weeks and for Susan and her family to visit this weekend! 

This is a video of Hadlie in her newest toy! I sold my Moby wrap that I'd boughten and didn't like for $30 bucks and was looking on KSL classifieds for some toys that Hadlie could use for the next few months...and this toy had just barely been posted a few minutes before....for $30 bucks! I quickly texted the lady and she was able to hold it for us until we came and got it a few hours later! It's normally $100 bucks brand new and it's in really great condition! I was STOKED!!! We put Hadlie in it and the ladies house, just to see how she'd do in it and she started to cry! LOL...it was pretty funny. But then a few days later I put her in it again and she LOVED it! Her feet don't even come close to touching the ground....but she was so fascinated by all the toys and gadgets, that I know she'll be using this for months to come and we won't have to buy too many more toys for her! 

I'm just going to post a few more pictures of Hadlie that were taken over this last month! 

Hadlie in an adorable outfit my co-worker and friend Jessica Jones gave to her at my baby shower! Such a scrumptious baby! 

Hadlie sporting another outfit she got from my baby shower....I can't find the paper of who got me what, so I can't remember who this one is from...but she looks stinkin cute in it!

Someone's gettin CHUNKY!!!! LOL...Look at that belly! We weighed Juan and then weighed him again holding Hadlie and according to our home scale...she's 11 lbs 2 oz!  She's getting up there!

 This is Hadlie watching me do the dishes in her new bumbo chair that Juan's cousin Claudia sent us from New Jersey! She LOVES it! She loves to be able to look around and be more involved! And she loves to try and eat it too!

Excited for her new Bumbo Chair!!!! Now she doesn't have to just play with her toys lying down! She gets to be with the grown ups!

This is the new toy that I bought her on KSL that she absolutely LOVES and the one on the end is another toy, a bouncer chair that she loves too from Aunt Susan! Thanks Aunt Susie! Can you see how far off the ground Hadlie's feet are in the middle picture! LOL...it'll last her a while!

 Hadlie in the carrier that Aunt Jenna gave us that she really likes...in the middle she's just being a happy girl and then the far right picture is her first picture with her first Hot Wheels from daddy! LOL....and so it begins!

Hadlie playing with her friend Marin who is 8 months old! She's adorable and they had fun playing with each other and grabbing at each other! Marin is twice Hadlie's size, so we had to keep a close eye on them while they played! 

This is the adorable outfit that Grandma Ralph got Hadlie for Christmas that she finally fits in to! She's 5 months old and wearing 0-3 month clothes and in size 1 diapers still. She's a perfect petite little darling and we love her with all of our hearts! The last picture is dear to me because Juan sent it to me while I was at work and missing them both and captioned it with, "hi mommy!" I'm so grateful for a wonderful husband who is so good with our daughter and takes such great care of us! Hopefully this is enough pictures for right now! I'll keep you posted with more videos and pictures as she continues to grow and change and steal our hearts!